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Procedures! Your Last Minute Deals page, created within a week

Seasondeals, as a full service marketing and advertising agency, is accustomed to use a roadmap in the production and delivery of your Last Minute Deals page.

Direct Mail Booklet

PHASE 1: Establish cooperation

  • We sign a cooperation agreement in the form of our Merchant Service Agreement
  • You supply the necessary administrative data, so we can invoice you
  • You select the deals and offers from our "Categories" page that you want to include in your Last Minute Deals page
  • You assign Season Deals as a editor of your Facebook page (details via faq page)
  • Once we receive this information and your payment, our development team starts to build your Last Minute Deals page

PHASE 2: Design and preparation

By means of our online orderform, we will receive:

  • Your company logo in png format (optimal without a background) Max. width 210px
  • If you would like, your product/deal photos (preferably in 300PI) and 610px width and 320px height
  • Your Last Minute Deals page Cover photo, preferably in 1280px width and 720px height
  • You choose your Namespace, the location of your Last Minute Deals page ( https://utap.at/yourcompany)
  • We'll receive this via the orderform or via email deal_creatives@season.deals to be included in your project

Digital Coupons

PHASE 3: Testing, completion and instruction

Our production team will build your mobile campaigns, integrate these to your Last Minute Deals page, starts testing and installs the booking and reservation components, to make it easy for your customers to give you a call or make a online booking. When we're done testing, we'll notify you via email about the completion of your page, and publish it. Our staff will call you to discuss details, explain about the table talker and signage, show you the social media integrations, and if you like, instruct you or your staff about the coupon/voucher validation process. You will receive personal contact details , in case you have questions and are in need for a direct contact. This could be Seasondeals staff, but we also work with local businesses, who support the implementation. The moment you'll receive your first bookings and reservations, we'll contact you again to discuss any optimizations.

'Convinced' !

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