Now, what are ...

the most likely promotions, offers and packaged deals, that will get you, the most benefit and best conversion rates, once added to your deals page? Because, you simply can not know, what your guests and clients, their friends, and strangers as well, are looking for, and not only today but also tomorrow, it might pay of, to cover each section and category.

Chef's Table, a royal lunch, a cocktail tasting or experience, a High Tea or High beer with discount, are packaged deals, your guests, and their friends are looking for. The fact is, that if you offer it, customers will buy it. Sometimes you want to eat something cheap, then again you're with the family, the next day you fancy a chinese takeaway, one day you'll enjoy tapas or pizza, and the next week you want an All you can eat buffet.
a, a la carte, three-course menu, then find yourself looking for a High Wine, looking for a discount deal and then a lazy brunch. Whether your customers, fancy chic, fish, or discount, fancy wine, or are somewhat earlier, as usual. The fact is, that what you're not offering , can't be bought.

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'What you don't offer, can't be bought!'

But the opposite is true as well. Since you simply can not know, what consumers are looking for, and 'mobile and digital' makes it easy to cover your entire product range and spectrum, it pays to offer a full product range. When you offer a 6 Course Dinner for 2, Chef's Table, discounted from $129,- for $79,- , you might not expect it, but customers will buy. The $79 will still offer you sufficient margin. And our "pricing" , isn't an issue as well.

Notice the small difference in pricing between 9 or 21 campaigns embedded on a Last Minute Deals page. Two clients a month will cover the cost. Check below the diversity in deals and offers, and the spectrum of Last Minute Deals, Restaurant Kyoto is carrying, in order to keep offering a wide range to meet customer requirements ...

1. What are they looking for !

Are you offering, what a couple you're unfamiliar with, is looking for ...

What are customers looking for? Do they love wine, or will they go for cheap. Are they 6 course gastronomers, will they come in for lunch or are they hunting for discount? Do they want three or four courses, and will they be visiting with or without children. By the way, are they all you can eat hungry or is it not a couple, but a single visitor. More info >>

2. Do you offer 'deals' !

In time, no exception, consumers are sensitive to offers, special deals and promotions.

As a restaurant owner you want to maximize the number of direct bookings and reservations. So you lose no commission to various booking sites, and you can easily build a direct relationship with the customer. Do you offer mobile deals and promotions to seduce your guests and their friends? More info >>

3. Your mobile 'presence' !

After all, if your deals and offers are not yet available on mobile, you're missing opportunities!.

We can help, to digitize and mobilize your deals and promotions, so anyone with a smartphone can grab them. The fact is, what you're not offering, can't be bought. Check out how Restaurant Kyoto benefits from this mobile presence and increased sales, immediately? More info >>

4. Your product 'Range' !

You simply can not know, what consumers, their friends and strangers as well, are looking for...

It might pay of, to cover each section and category. A 6 Course Chef's Table dinner, a Royal Lunch, a Cocktail tasting or a 3 course menu for 1 person, are a guaranteed purchase. The fact is, that if you offer it, customers will buy. More info >>

5. 'Mobile, offers more' !

Add the gamification element to the table to increase the average amount spent per guest and per table.

Mobile campagns offer much more... Digital Scratch & Win promotions not only bring pleasure and gamification to the table, as well as the distributional resources, so your Last Minute Deals page, can be shared by your guests and customers, with their Facebook friends, "voluntarily" . More info >>

6. What is 'Stopping' you !

Customers are mobile, socially engaged, and they spend two hours a day on their Pc, Tablet and smart phones..

Is there anything stopping you, to start offering your customers and their friends, your offers and promotions, in a mobile and digital format? What deals would you choose, and consider using to be included, in your Last Minute Deals page? More info >>

'Mobile, offers more' !

How to add the gamification element to the table to increase the average amount spent per guest and per table.