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We create digital versions of your Deals and Promotions, and offer mobile engagement, from your website as well as via your Facebook Business page. No App, no downloads, no installs.

Whether you do, or do not like, consumers love 2 for 1, 30% off and discount deals and offers, especially if they are easy to grab. You could consider increasing your digital presence , create a backup for 'No Shows' , and make new customers, by adding 'smart' mobile marketing campaigns. For instance by offering a Chef's Table, a 3-4-5 Course Dinner, a Family Day and a Royal Lunch voucher, in digital format , and attract new clientele via their mobile and on social media!

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No commissions!

Many restaurant owners are used to pay a 7-15% commission charge to institutions like Takeaway.com, JustEat, Livingsocial, FoodPanda, Eat24, and Groupon.

Many think the commission, booking and reservation charges are steap, but on the other hand it gives serious additional sales. Hundreds or Thousands of $'s in sales per month, you might not have otherwise.

These parties, use their online presence, to bring in customers, orders and reservations on your behalf. It's only logical, you pay for that. They invest in their online presence, are being found much more easy then you, and earn a good living. They compete with you, and your company name on, "google findability" and effectively, won that battle!

Where they can't compete with you however, is on client relation, your inventiveness , your social presence, and in what way you are presenting your deals, offers and promotions. If you offer your guests, and their friends, good reasons not to order via their online app, but order directly from you, you can make a difference. The five most important aspects to compete, are:

How it works!


Your Deals Page

Denver 1 person

All your deals, offers and promotions are digitized and mobile available, and making a reservation is now a piece of cake


Facebook Tab Integration


Everyone visiting your Facebook business page, has all your deals, offers and promos on their mobile in a single click. Do you think, they'll come back!


Prominently on your Timeline

Denver 2 people

A Facebook (offer) , the top item and post on your timeline and menu, once used or clicked is automatically stored inside your clients Facebook Wallet


On all platforms

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Your customer and their friends now have your deals and promotions available on mobile and via social media


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Wide range of products

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Digital makes it possible to offer a wide range of deals, so anyone will be able to find, what they're looking for.


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Entertain your guests, at the table and increase the average amount spend per table with smart mobile Scratch & Win campaigns


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A free coffee, in exchange for sharing your deals on Facebook!

Customers always win a free coffee, and subsequently share your deals with friends


Why a Scratch & Win promotion, will be succesful?

Customers always win your 2nd prize. Buy 1 Cocktail, Get 1 free. Is that good business!

Too Bad!

Sometimes, reservations are being canceled, because of illness or force majeure.

Recently we started, reoffering these tables as discounted Last Minute Deals

First Come

First Served

Your Last Minute Deals page

See if your question is shown, and if not, give us a call...

Visit either the pricing page or our categories page, scroll down and click the 'buy now' button on the pricing tables being shown. You can add your company details and campaign numbers in the orderform, to be included in your deals page. We deliberately minimized the pricing difference between a 9 or 21 deals Last Minute Deals page. After all, the basis of the concept is you offer a wide range of deals and promotions, in order to meet your potential clients needs. Therefore, it is more likely, consumers order something, they were looking for.
Many restaurant owners don't want the overwhelming demand presented on a daily discount site, being stuck to serious discounts and commissions charges, and the inflexibility of deals they need to honor, month away from today. With seasondeals we have tried to remove the objections restaurant owners have, by providing a means of using your company website and social presence, to present not a single offer or deal, but a variety of Last Minute Deals, that appeal to a larger percentage of the population. A combination of a 6 course Chef's Table Dinner, a Royal Lunch, a 2 for 1 deal, a Percentual discount, a Family day offering, a High wine, High tea deal and Packaged deals, all presented on a restaurants "Last Minute Deals page" , and fully integrated on a restaurants Facebook business page, will help to fill your last tables on a daily and flexible basis, and therefore increase occupancy and the bottom line.
Customers who make a reservation and then never show up, can chip away at a restaurants profits. Especially since more customers make 3 or 4 reservations for one evening, and only use a single one, leaving the others with a no show. A Last Minute Deals page will help you to deter no-shows and boost your bottom line. It offers you the flexibility to have a backup in place, where you can seat another party. Some restaurants overbook slightly to protect against no-shows. Consider factors like your no-show rate and weather conditions when deciding how much to safely overbook, and use your Last Minute Deals as your backup, to come close to a 100% occupancy.
Many restaurant owners don't want the inflexibility of deals they need to honor, month away from today, where they receive calls from customers who bought a 'groupon', ready to make a reservation for a day the restaurant is already fully seated, and where the sold tickets don't give guidance in optimizing bookings, in order to fill their last tables. With a Last Minute Deals page, you set your daily changing selection in offers, depending on the changing demand , shape your own deals and optimize the way how you would like to fill your last tables. It is also an ideal method, to create deals, only valid today, tomorrow or this week, where restaurants "Last Tables", simply are sold much faster.
We also integrate you Last Minute Deals page to your Facebook fanpage. This way, your deals have a prominent social presence and can be easyily grabbed, by your visitors. You yourself, can integrate a deals page via a iframe to your website, and for sure you'll link from your website menu to your new Last Minute Deals page. Optionally, we'll create your Table Talker (surcharge / in menu holder format) so during your guests and visitors visits, they can easily open your deals page on their mobile phones. This way, you offer them a entry to your deals page, useful for a upcoming visit, and consequently make sure they will have the option to play your Scratch and Win games, on their mobile. Because of this, you offer the gamification element and create entertainment, have your guests win 'prizes' , so you can increase the average amount spend per table and per guest. And for satisfied customers, it will be easy to share your Last Minute Deals page with their Facebook friends, so you will get the best advertising, you could wish for.
They will see, via your website, your facebook business page, when deals are shared by their friends and while they visit you and use your Table Talkers, your deals appear. Because customers are mobile, and spend on average 2 hours a day on social media, chances are they will contact your deals on their mobile first. They view your deals, choose their favorite offer and click 'Use Now'. Next, they open the voucher, click the more info button, give you a call or make a online reservation. The day of their visit, they show the voucher upon arrival to your staff. Your staff will give them a 4-digit pincode, in order to make them validate the voucher, on their mobile. When finishing their visit, meal or package deal, your staff settle the discount at the bill.
We don't know for sure, after all it depends on the number of visitors to your website and facebook fanpage. What we do know from experience, is since your deals and offers look appealing and professional, and match the way how your customers buy, use their mobile phones and use social media, and it's made very easy to share your deals with friends, it is inevitable that since you display a wide range of offers and deals, these will be purchased. You can , if you're up for it, start small and test the waters. Start off with a Trio Campaign where we suggest to add a Chef's Table, a Lunch Deal, a 3 or 5 course dinner, or a packaged deal for a single person.
We offer a online form, where you can make adjustments and alterations to your deals and offers, with ease. For instance, you want to use different product photo's, or make adjustments to the text? Simply, open the campaign form, add your details and click send.
Customers, or those you're not familiar with yet, will give you a call, or make a online reservation. This way, you'll either hear the phone ring, or you'll receive reservations via email
It depends on the Last Minute Deals plan you choose, how many sales or redemptions can me made in that month. A Last Minute Deals page, with 6 vouchers/coupons embedded, comes with up to 500 sales / redemptions a monh, where a 9 vouchers/coupons plan has up to 1000 sales / redemptions a month. In a single month, tens of thousands of customers can check your offers, claim them to their names , but a maximum of 500 (6 voucher plan) or 1000 (9 voucher plan) can actually be redeemed and validated. We call them sales, since 500 or 1000 times the amount you charge per deal, is additional sales for you. For more info on sales and redemptions, check the online orderform
None. Your guests and customers will give you a call, make a online email reservation, and will visit your premises, carrying a digital voucher on their mobile. You, or your staff redeem and validate this voucher at the bill, clients make their payment in the same way as you're used to.
Our International office is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Shortly we'll be adding regional offices worldwide since we're growing. For more information, visit our contact page
A Last Minute Deals page , as well as the standalone coupons and vouchers, customers bring instore, are build in Bootstrap, and Bootstrap is Mobile First. The page's show perfectly on any device, whether Pc, Laptop, Tablet or mobile.
0% . We don't receive commission. Our customers pay for the creation, hosting and maintenance of their Last Minute Deals page, and the number of deals embedded. This way, you'll never be surprised and you will profit according to the quality of the deals presented. These are your deals!!!
Whether we look at Subway, Mc Donald's, Applebee's, Burger King or Del Taco, each and every brand has it's own Deals and Special offers page integrated within their website, as well as via Facebook. It is the way for "Quick Service" Restaurants, but any Restaurant, to connect with clients, seduce them and instigate a CALL TO ACTION. That's exactly what a Last Minute Deals page does as well, where the percentual discount, the 2 for 1, the 30% off engages clients, and makes them act. And since we optimized the flow in the ordering and booking process, you will be receiving calls and reservations by quests, strangers, and that unfamiliar couple, that will be visiting you for dinner, with their Last Minute Deal voucher, tonight.
What are the chances, consumers will download, install and start using your app, as 1 out of 24 apps they actually use? Most of our clients consciously seek no app. After all, is the reasoning, everyone (2.1 Billion) already has facebook installed on their phones. Wouldn't it be smarter, to simply integrate any deal, offer and promotion, within facebook? Customers wouldn't have the need, to download and install apps, for every single business or occasion, they visit. But the number one, argument. A Last Minute Deals page, pop's up inside Facebook, is then automatically saved and stored, via the Facebook Wallet on any smartphone, and can be called upon, at any time. On a monthly basis, a deals page is refreshed. And, in case customers forget, about the existence of the Last Minute Deals, a Facebook notification will make them remember.
It can be done in a minute. First login to your facebook page, and check if you're the "Admin" . Click on "settings" and notice the Existing Page Roles. Only the admin can manage assigning a new editor to your page. When you're logged in as the admin, click "settings" . On the left in the menu, you'll see "page roles" , please click it. Now you can assign new page roles. Add sabine@season.deals in the "Type a name or email address" field, select "editor" and click "add" , and you're done. Within seconds, we'll receive a notification. The next day, we will give you a phone call, in order to discuss the actual implementation, and for you to be sure, nothing is being done, you don't want.
  1. Sure, use these four steps; First, log in to the account of your domain provider and go to their settings. Ask a colleague to help you out with this, if it gets a little too technical.
  2. Go to DNS settings.
  3. Add a CNAME record and choose a (sub)domain you want to use, e.g. deals.company.com or deals-at-your-company.com. Point it to your seasondeals/utap account URL (https://utap.at/yourname).
  4. You're done
  5. When you make a DNS change, it takes time for the changes to take effect. We suggest waiting up to 24 hours for the DNS to be fully refreshed.
You can. Since it's a single page build in Bootstrap, it is easy to add a html file to your server. Give it a try; Open view-source:https://utap.at/kyotos/ in your browser, copy/paste it's content, give it a name, save it to your computer as a html or php file, and upload it to your server.
It's really simple. The actual process of redemption, and the validation process of a mobile coupon / voucher, always result in a online voucher where validity needs to be checked. We offer 4 different methods of validation; via Coupon Code , via Bar Code, via QR Code en via Pin Code. The easiest way is pincode validation, where a restaurant owner, or staff, simply give a customer a 4 digit pincode, that can be entered on the guest mobile phone, where the coupon/voucher get's validated, by connecting to our validation server. Give it a try. Open this Chef's Table voucher, click the "Redeem Now" button and enter the pincode 2468. You just validated a digital voucher. That's how easy it is...

Do you agree the deals are identical. However, the cashback version is bought 2 times as much as the standard deal. (test period 04-11-2016 / 07-02-2017 with 13 different restaurants.) Consumers love cashbacks and "Last Minute Deals" , especially with only one deal left... The cashback version, was also shared by 14% of those, who bought the deal, simply by clicking the facebook icon.


Kyoto Restaurant

Denver 2 people

Chef's Table for 2 people. Culinairy 7 Course Dinner for 2 with $50 Discount.



4 tables left

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Kyoto Restaurant

Denver 2 people

Chef's Table for 2 people. Culinairy 7 Course Dinner for 2 with $50 Cashback.



1 Cashback left

Cash In

Why offer a Chef's Table, with a serious discount, for instance from $129 for $79 ?

If your 'offer' is visible, there are those who buy your monthly Chef's Table package, out of the blue




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1. What are they looking for !

Are you offering, what a couple you're unfamiliar with, is looking for ...

What are customers looking for? Do they love wine, or will they go for cheap. Are they 6 course gastronomers, will they come in for lunch or are they hunting for discount? Do they want three or four courses, and will they be visiting with or without children. By the way, are they all you can eat hungry or is it not a couple, but a single visitor. More info >>

2. Do you offer 'deals' !

In time, no exception, consumers are sensitive to offers, special deals and promotions.

As a restaurant owner you want to maximize the number of direct bookings and reservations. So you lose no commission to various booking sites, and you can easily build a direct relationship with the customer. Do you offer mobile deals and promotions to seduce your guests and their friends? More info >>

3. Your mobile 'presence' !

After all, if your deals and offers are not yet available on mobile, you're missing opportunities!.

We can help, to digitize and mobilize your deals and promotions, so anyone with a smartphone can grab them. The fact is, what you're not offering, can't be bought. Check out how Restaurant Kyoto benefits from this mobile presence and increased sales, immediately? More info >>

4. Your product 'Range' !

You simply can not know, what consumers, their friends and strangers as well, are looking for...

It might pay of, to cover each section and category. A 6 Course Chef's Table dinner, a Royal Lunch, a Cocktail tasting or a 3 course menu for 1 person, are a guaranteed purchase. The fact is, that if you offer it, customers will buy. More info >>

5. 'Mobile, offers more' !

Add the gamification element to the table to increase the average amount spent per guest and per table.

Mobile campagns offer much more... Digital Scratch & Win promotions not only bring pleasure and gamification to the table, as well as the distributional resources, so your Last Minute Deals page, can be shared by your guests and customers, with their Facebook friends, "voluntarily" . More info >>

6. What is 'Stopping' you !

Customers are mobile, socially engaged, and they spend two hours a day on their Pc, Tablet and smart phones..

Is there anything stopping you, to start offering your customers and their friends, your offers and promotions, in a mobile and digital format? What deals would you choose, and consider using to be included, in your Last Minute Deals page? More info >>

How to increase the odds...

a couple you're unfamiliar with, will visit you for dinner, tonight?